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Annam Curve Product Launch

Introducing the Annam Curve recessed luminaire. Each continuous module is driven by its own remote driver and emergency pack (if applicable) and therefore only requires a mechanical connection when linking to the next module.

The luminaire is custom roll-formed to match each projects bespoke requirements of almost any geometric shape/s,  through custom bend radius and diameters to match an agreed technical drawing.

The Annam Curve is available in a maximum single run length of 2958mm before multiple modules are used to create continuous lengths.

Barracuda Magnetic Range

Introducing the Barracuda Magnetic range. Available in suspended, surface and recessed the Barracuda Range offers multiple lighting solutions in one SELV low voltage system. 

Tunable White Now Available

The effect of light on our biological clock is important as it influences many aspects of our physical and emotional well-being. This biological clock is regulated by light and darkness, by the daily cycles of night and day and the time we spend asleep and awake.