Python DI (Direct/Indirect)

The Python DI Direct/Indirect is our largest linear luminaire which can be supplied in continuous lengths of 70mm increments. Continuous lengths of multiple runs come as standard with a ‘through wiring’ loom meaning that only the start module of the run requires termination.

The DLOR & ULOR of the Python DI is can be programmed independently to give a fully customisable uplight to downlight ratio such as 90/10, 70/30 and 50/50.  

The luminaire is built in a modular system for ease of installation and maintenance. All the electronic gear and wiring is housed on a removable gear tray separate from the main body and retained by sprung metal clips.

The Python DI can be supplied in either surface or suspended formats.

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More than 70,000 hours life span

'Plug and Play' No hard fixing

Easy install No remote components

Modular component build


Direct OnlyStandalone
Diffuser TypeFrosted Opal
Micro Prism
Lumen Output500lm to 7000lm/****



*Excluding Endcaps

560mm to 2940mm/****
Colour Temperature3000K
Tunable White


Type Options Code
Dimming DALI Dimming -DA
Suspended Mounting Suspension Kit & 2m Power Flex -S
Integrated Sensor PIR & Daylight
Smart Mesh, PIR & Daylight
Emergency 3 Hour Facility
3 Hour Self Test
3 Hour Central Test

Python Length Calculator

Diffuser Options

Micro Prism

The micro prism diffuser eliminates glare by redirecting sideways light emission downwards, giving the luminaire a dimmer appearance when viewed from the side. 

This diffuser type is therefore recommended when a very low UGR rating is required or if the luminaire is required to have a high lumen package and therefore needs optical control to remain UGR compliant.


The opal diffuser creates an homogeneous even light output whilst also remaining aesthetically even in appearance across its surface. Due to these characteristics the opal diffuser naturally creates a higher uniformity in interior spaces whilst increasing the amount of light on the walls & vertical surfaces in the spirit of LG7. 

This diffuser is therefore recommended in spaces where high uniformity, vertical illuminance and LG7 performance is required.

Tunable White

The effect of light on our biological clock is important as it influences many aspects of our physical and emotional well-being. This biological clock is regulated by light and darkness, by the daily cycles of night and day and the time we spend asleep and awake.

In the morning, as the sun comes up, light levels increase, the colour of light shifts towards cooler colour temperatures, and we wake up and become active. On the other hand, in the evening, as the sun goes down and the colour of light shifts towards warmer colour temperatures, we unwind, relax and prepare for sleep.

Our body’s hormone levels rise and fall with these light cycles. Cortisol production increases with morning light and decreases throughout the course of the day. Melatonin levels increase as darkness sets in and decrease as morning approaches. In our modern society, we spend much of our time indoors – at home, in a school, office, shop or hospital. Those who have to stay indoors for significant parts of their time under static lighting conditions run the risk of disrupting their biological rhythms.

Smart Programming

Using Premium LED drivers with window function, our luminaires can be preset (both Fixed Output & DALI versions) during the production process to a desired lumen output. This gives the versatility to reflect custom lumen packages used for project based lighting calculations.

Another benefit to this technology is post luminaire installation, the light output can be adjusted to increase/decrease from its original setting. This could be in the instance of a rentable space (CAT A) becoming an occupied space (CAT B).


Downlight LumensUplight LumensWattagell/cW
3702 lm/m1851 lm/m42.9 W/m126.4 ll/cW
4104 lm/m2052 lm/m49.6 W/m124.1 ll/cW
Rated Supply Voltage 220 – 240 V
AC Voltage Range 202 – 250 V
Mains Frequency 50/60 Hz
Output LF current ripple @ 120Hz (Flicker) <1%
Overvoltage Protection 320 V
THD <20%
Dimming Range 1 – 100%
Operating Temperature -25… +60 °C
Longevity (L70/B10) 70,000 hours
Colour Rendering (3 SDCM) Ra>82
UGR <19
Dimensions (Standard format) 65 x 100mm
Weight 4.1kg/m
Warranty 5 Years
Certification CE, ROHS


Downlight LumensBLFEmergency Lumen Output
3702 lm/m12%444 lm
4104 lm/m11%451 lm
Emergency Duration 3 Hours
Recharge Period 24 Hours
Battery Type LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Battery Pack 3 x 2.4V 2.5Ah
Parasitic Load 1.2W
Operating Tempertaure 0 – 60°C
Power Efficiency 95%
Certification CE, ROHS