Product Overview

The Eclipse OA (Open Area Optic) is a compact circular 3 Watt LED downlight suitable for ceiling mounting applications with a Ø37mm bezel and 14mm depth. The unit is available in Maintained and Non-Maintained modes.

The unit utilises Ni-Cd battery technology which provides a far longer life than traditional battery types, making this an ideal product for difficult to maintain areas.

More than 50,000 hours life span

Ultra low-void

Assured build quality with
die-cast based construction

5 Year Warranty
(Excluding battery)


Type Options Code
Lumen Output 210lm ECP/OA/210
Mounting Option Recessed /RCD
Operation Maintained
Emergency 3 Hour Facility
3 Hour Self Test

Performance & Reliability

Supplied with high performance CREE LED engine and premium Tridonic driver to ensure an outstanding performance with longevity

120° Beam Angle


Lumen Output Wattage ll/cW
210 lm 3 W 70.0 ll/cW
Rated Supply Voltage 220 – 240 V
AC Voltage Range 198 – 264 V
Mains Frequency 50/60 Hz
Output LF current ripple @ 120Hz (Flicker) <5%
Overvoltage Protection 320 V
In-rush Current 0.5 A
THD <10%
Operating Temperature 0-55°C
Cutout Ø30mm
LED Head Ø37mm x 14mm
Driver Module 185mm x 20mm x 20mm
Battery Ø23mm x 138mm
Warranty 5 Years
Certification CE, ROHS


Standard Lumen Output BLF Emergency Lumen Output
210 lm 100% 210 lm
Emergency Duration 3 Hours
Recharge Period 24 Hours
Battery Type Ni-Cd Cells (Nickel–Cadmium)
Battery Pack 3.6v 1.8mAh