Product Overview

The Burst is a Ø188mmm large area downlight aimed at low glare environments (UGR <19). The downlight only requires 80mm of ceiling void making it ideal for installations where space is tight. The Burst can achieve a lumen package of upto 2,200lm with a longevity of at least 50,000 hours.

The heatsink is made from die-cast aluminium which houses the LED module. The bezel of the downlight is machined from aluminium ensuring a constant high quality finish with no surface blemishes. The product is then retained in the ceiling by two screw arms which clamp the product to the ceiling. The bezel then twist locks on underneath the ceiling plane with no visible fixings.

The Burst is available in 1,650 & 2,200 lumen outputs.

More than 50,000 hours life span

Colour consistency with <3 SDCM

Assured build quality with
die-cast based construction

5 Year Warranty


Type Options Code
Lumen Output 1650lm
Colour Temperature 3000K
Beam Angle 36° Beam
60° Beam


Type Options Code
Dimming DALI Dimming -DALI
Emergency 3 Hour Facility
3 Hour Self Test
3 Hour Central Test

Performance & Reliability

Supplied with high performance CREE LED engine and premium Tridonic driver to ensure an outstanding performance with longevity

60° Beam Angle


Lumen Output Wattage ll/cW
2197 lm 19.8 W 111.0 ll/cW
1648 lm 14.9 W 110.6 ll/cW
Rated Supply Voltage 220 – 240 V
AC Voltage Range 198 – 264 V
Mains Frequency 50/60 Hz
Output LF current ripple @ 120Hz (Flicker) <5%
Overvoltage Protection 320 V
In-rush Current 1.2 A
THD <10%
Dimming Range 15 – 100%
Operating Temperature -25… +60 °C
Colour Rendering Ra>82
UGR <16
Cutout Ø160mm
Dimensions Ø188 x 80mm
Weight 2.7kg
Warranty 5 Years
Certification CE, ROHS


Standard Lumen Output BLF Emergency Lumen Output
2197 lm 17% 373 lm
1648 lm 22% 363 lm
Emergency Duration 3 Hours
Recharge Period 24 Hours
Battery Type LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Battery Pack 3 x 3.2V 1.5Ah
Parasitic Load 1.2W
Operating Tempertaure 0 – 60°C
Power Efficiency 95%
Certification CE, ROHS